COURSE “The Auxiliary Technical Consultant of the Judge and the Technical Consultant of the Parties”

The “Associazione dei Periti Esperti Toscana” (APE) in collaboration with the “Camera Civile di Firenze” promotes the basic training course for technical consultants who intend to perform the functions of Technical Consultant (CTU) and Technical Consultant of Part (CTP) in the “Processo Civile”. The course will start on 6 February 2018 and is in compliance with the art. 3 of the “Protocollo di intesa” signed with the Tuscany Region on December 14, 2017 between the Tribunale di Firenze, Corte di Appello di Firenze, Procura della Repubblica di Firenze, Ordini e Collegi Professionali, Camera di Commercio di Firenze, APE Toscana e Camera Civile di Firenze. The course calendar and the pre-accession form can be consulted and downloaded from our social networks Facebook and LinkedIn.


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