LIFE MONZA project and work-school alternation

Within LIFE MONZA project (Methodologies fOr Noise low emission Zones introduction And management), Vie Ingegneria deal with learn process which combined study/work experience for the students of the “Liceo Porta”  and of the State Technical Commercial Institute and for  Surveyors “A. Mapelli ” in Monza.

In the “Liceo Porta” a group of students was involved in the data processing activity obtained from an investigation on the neighborhood Libertà . The investigation, carried out through anonymous questionnaires, has as its objective to achieve a statistical study on the quality of life perceived by the residents of the district from various points of view, including noise disturbance.

In the Mapelli Institute  a selected group of students is involved in the activities of the acoustic analysis and design of the interventions to improve the acoustic comfort of a classroom. All the students of the Mapelli Institute took part in information and sensitization moments concerning the themes of acoustics and noise disturbance.

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