Urban Sounds and Soundscapes

In 26th and 27th april 2018, the workshop “PAESAGGI SONORI URBANI – URBAN SOUNDS AND SOUNDSCAPES” will be held, organised by UNISER (University of Pistoia) in collaboration with the Order of Engineers and the Order of Architects of the Province of Pistoia and with Vie Ingegneria.

The workshop is proposed as moment of opportunity of dialogue and updating, directed at experts of applicated acoustic, engineers, architects, audiologists, musicians, planners and urban philosophers.

At the two scientific sessions of the workshop, with the partecipation of important scientists and experts, will be added the events gathered in the afternoon and evening program “Suona la città”, which provides performance, installations and concert in listening points connected by soundscapes of Pistoia, accompanied by soundscapes experts. In the evening will be held two concert-event: the lession-show “Magia del suono per l’unità della cultura” in Teatro Bolognini and the immersive projection of the film “Pink Floyd a Pompei” in the suggestive scenery of the Fortress.

The event will be involve the students of the schools of Pistoia and it is integrated part of the activity of the International Noise Awareness Day 2018, in Italy coordinated by  the Italian Association of Acoustic (AIA – Associazione Italiana di Acustica).

All events are free. The places are limitaded – Registration is obligatory on following website
8 CFP for architects and 6 CFP for engineers will be released.

The monographic number of the ” Bollettino Ingegneri”, dedicated at this initiative, will be available for all participants.

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