Course in “Acoustics” for Competent Technician in Acoustics

University of Florence have organised in this academic year the COURSE of improvement post degree in “ACOUSTICS”.

Course will take at University Department in Prato. The Order of Engineers recognised professional credits for the participation at the course.

Registrations expire on June 10, 2019 for both entire of 180 hours course and the single of 46 hours module .

The registration applications can be presented using the module downloadable by web site of University:

The entire course has been identified  by Toscana Region as formative path valide for the registration in the National list of Competent technician in Acoustics (ENTECA) while the single modulee has been identified as course of professionale update.

Participants of both of courses can ask formative voucher put at disposition by Toscana Region to cover all the cost of the course [ for professionists under40 ( o over40 (] .

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