Inter.noise 2019 Congress, Madrid, June 16-19

 The 49° International Congress and Exhibition on Noise Control Engineering was held in Madrid from 16 to 19 June 2019.

Vie Ingegneria has presented the following projects and works:

– First results of activities carried out in the pilot area of Life MONZA project;

– The “Sound of my place” experience in the frame of the International Noise Awareness Day;

– Acoustics in global comfort design of restaurants;

– Participative soundscape projects in Italian contexts;

– Improvement of Environmental Noise Management Skills on Audits: initial results achieved in the frame of the Erasmus + Project on Noise Training.

Moreover, in the days before and after the Congress, meetings and round table has been organised with the other partners of Erasmus+ NTP project and a workshop open at all.

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