Acoustic Design of the Auditorium in the Church of Rispescia

Vie ingegneria, commissioned by Ecopneus, realized the acoustic and architectural design, the construction management and final acoustic test of the Church of Rispescia used by Legambiente as Auditorium. It is a multipurpose hall with originally inadequate acoustic conditions. The high reverberation time made the sounds perceived as very confused and listening in the room uncomfortable.
The goal of the project was to create an acoustically comfortable and versatile space provided for different types of functions, solutions have been designed by choosing products that results environmentally sustainable and fully respectful of the architecture of the church as well.
After the implementation of the designed acoustic elements, measured room acoustics parameters show full compliance with the objectives of the project, in terms of acoustic comfort in listening speech (conference hall, workshops, theater, cinema , exhibitions, etc.): reverberation times of 3.1 seconds in the configuration of minimum sound absorption and 0.96 seconds in the configuration of maximum sound absorption, considering the mid frequencies.
The presence of reflecting/absorbent panels helped to diversify the acoustics of the room, and to set the acoustics of the hall in tailored configurations depending on the intended use. Finally the separation elements can create sub-areas of the church, where sound attenuation is higher than in the basic configuration with panels located along the wall, with values exceeding 10 dB (A) in the most protected areas.

Watch the videoclip realized by Ecopneus:

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