The project aimed to improve the knowledge and skills of the “RLS” (Representatives of workers for the safety) and the RLST (territorial RLS) of the agricultural sector, implementing networks of interconnection between RLS, increasing the level of existing networks, enhancing the culture of the prevention and health promotion according to the principles and methods of the occupational hygiene. An application model of these principles will be created for the networks, referring to specificities and problems in the wine, oil and horticultural sectors, including specific training schemes and materials for the RLS and for the students of schools and universities oriented to the agriculture sector.

Project’s partners, funded by INAIL, are the “Association of Industrial Hygienists” (AIDII), which plays the role of coordinator in the project proposal phase, the “Health Service Research” section of the “Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine” (DMSC) of the University of Florence, the “Italian Confederations of Tuscan Agricolture” (CIA) and the company Ingegneria S.r.l.

The project starts from a context analysis that, in the specifics of the agriculture sector, has seen a general increase in the number of occupational diseases and a large number of accidents. Starting from these considerations, the project will address the problems of the role of the RLS, which, as is clear from recent analyzes of needs carried out, complain of general difficulties, such as the lack of corporate procedures for the collection and response to worker reports, the ineffective relationship with Employers and other security figures, and that consider “improvement and training groups” as the most useful tools for updating.
The project aims to create a dedicated “place” to compare, stimulate and share solutions and best practices aimed at strengthening the RLS/RLST’s role.

The project is based on the creation of a national network of RLS / RLST, of the agriculture sector, with specific reference to the oil, wine and floriculture sectors, to foster collaboration and synergy among the RLS through the exchange of experiences, best practices and working methods. The network will be implemented ex novo or by connecting to existing regional networks. The network will be structured at an IT level: a website will be implemented that will act as a portal for the distribution of information and materials, as a basis for addressing the INAIL e-learning platform and as a server for a permanent exchange forum between RLS of the agriculture sector.
The different actions of the project (creation of a network, design and implementation of the web portal, definition of targeted training paths, evaluation of results through a system of indicators of project success, dissemination) will be inspired by the learning of the technical and practical bases of the occupational hygiene as well as the Health Promotion, understood as the process that allows people to exercise greater control over their health and to improve it. Work habits will be considered in combination with life habits, according to an approach that evaluates the promotion of health not as the exclusive responsibility of the health sector but as an activity that requires synergistic and intersectoral actions with other social areas.
Working routine will be consider together with the living habits through a way that evaluate the promotion of health not as exclusive responsibility of the sanitary sector but as an activity with need of synergistic and intersectoral actions with other social fields.

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