Methodologies fONoise low emission Zones introduction And management

LIFE MONZA (Methodologies fOr Noise low emission Zones introduction And management) is a co-funded project by the European Commission through the financial program LIFE 2015, whose main purpose is developing and testing a methodology, applicable in different contexts, to identify and manage Noise Low Emission Zones (urban areas where traffic restrictions are present).

Impacts and benefits regarding noise pollution will be analized and tested in the pilot area of the City of Monza, partner of the project together with University of Florence and Vie Ingegneria, coordinated by ISPRA.

Additional purposes of the project are:

– the analisys of the effects, due to the introduction of a Noise Low Emission Zone, on both air quality and people’s wellness;
– the individuation of interventions useful to induce beneficial and synergistic effects, such as those relating to the traffic planning;
– the introduction of low-noise pavements and the active involvement of population for the definition of a different, more sustainable lifestyle;

The project started on 2016, September 1st and has been completed on 2020, June 30th.

LIFE15 ENV/IT/000586 – with the contribution of European Commission, through the financial program LIFE 2015.