Within the experiences of acoustic design of public open spaces, restaurants present particular critical situations, mainly due to reverberation, which generally lead to conditions of acoustic discomfort. The authors have developed a methodology for designing the mitigation of unpleasant noise and the improvement of acoustic indoor climate as well, inspired by the application of soundscape design principles to the various aspects of design (architecture, layout, furniture). The case study presented here concerns the renovation of a restaurant located in Richmond, one of London’s boroughs, belonging to the Pizza Express chain; the acoustic design has been developed by Vie En.Ro.Se. Ingegneria S.r.L. (Florence, Italy) together with Ab Rogers Design Studio (London, UK). At the moment, three restaurant, included Richmond’s one, have been completely re-designed and used as concept sites for studying and testing solutions, good to be applied also to other pizzerias. In these sites acoustics has been one of the main issues and it has been complemented with the other design features since the very beginning of the project.

Autori: Busa, Luzzi