The paper introduces the main parameters connected to the study of the environmental sustainability related to the production and laying of Asphalt Rubber (AR) hot mixes and to noise reduction. After a brief summary of the state of this technology, some results of a quantitative analysis of environmental benefits arising from the use of this material are shown. In particular, the authors are involved in a project, aiming to develop and test a specific methodology for measuring the performance of asphalt rubber mixtures in cities. Some peculiar aspects of traffic noise reduction in urban areas by means of rubber based have been studied and a synthesis of in-progress results is reported here.
As a most relevant result of the study conducted in the first semester of 2011, a new more general methodology for testing acoustical performance of asphalts valid for asphalts of all kinds in urban scenarios has been developed and described here.

Autori: Alfinito, Antunes, Borchi, Luzzi

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