It is widely agreed that the Earth is currently in the Anthropocene age, a period of Earth’s history
during which humans have a decisive influence on the state, dynamics and future of the Earth system.
The number of the world’s population, the phenomenon of the urbanization and the effects of the
science and technologies are dominant factors in the planet evolution. Every activity produced by
human beings has a direct or indirect reaction on the environment. A strong impact on the landscape is caused by the increasing number of cities and infrastructures (roads, railways, airports and all the physical networks necessary for the transport). This event is changing our phono-sphere, that is going to be characterized more by anthropophonies than biophonies and geophonies. The disruption of the acoustic environments has, as a result, a noise pollution and it creates a situation of general discomfort for users’. Designers are responsible in managing and creating landscapes and soundscape and they should take responsibility for their own part in this issue.

Autori: Luzzi, Natale