Contribution of the LIFE MONZA project to develop a method for identification and management of the Noise Low Emission Zone

One of the main goals of the LIFE MONZA project, which started in September 2016, is to define a method for identification and management of a Noise Low Emission Zone (Noise LEZ). The procedure, defined throughout the first three years of the project, has been tested in a pilot area, corresponding to a district of the city of Monza (Quartiere Libertà), where the average noise levels have been reduced by means of both top-down (creation of a limited traffic zone to forbid the access to trucks, limitation of vehicles speed, lanes-width reduction and pedestrian crossing introduction, substitution of the current asphalt with a silent one) and encouraged bottom up actions (people involvement, ideas contest among students, pedibus service, etc).  Some concrete results of the activities carried out in the mentioned pilot area of Life Monza project will be illustrated. The Eurocities WG Noise members and Environment Forum participants are invited to share ideas and experiences regarding the Noise LEZ approach and to show their interest for future collaborations in this frame.

Authors: Luzzi, Bellomini, Bartalucci