The project HUSH. (Harmonization of Urban noise reduction Strategies for Homogeneous action plans) has been founded by EU and is now being developed by the City of Florence, together with Vie En.Ro.Se. Ingegneria, University Florence, National and Regional Environmental Agencies, with the International Support of Eurocities Network. In many countries a pre-existent National legislation about noise mapping and noise action planning has been used and cannot be simply replaced by the END Directive. In Italy there are now three legislation disposals concerning environmental noise action planning. All the former EU granted projects (like Harmonoise, Imagine, Silence and others), have not considered this aspect of coexistence of plans and all the problems generated by it. Moving from this, the project is oriented towards the harmonization of the different Plans provided by the different legislations and aims to provide a general methodology. Taking in account the significant experiences of action planning in European Member States as well as some general recommendations drawn by Working Groups established by European Commission to support the END Directive, the project will lead city administrators and policy makers to the integrated action planning approach: only one plan instead of two or more, with consequent reduction of unnecessary duplicate action and of their relative costs. In this paper the general setting and the startup actions of the project are shown.

Authors: Bellomini, Borchi, Luzzi