IMPORTANCE OF PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IN END IMPLEMENTATION: some experiences from italian agglomerates and infrastructures

Information, communication and participation are important keywords for a correct and effective implementation of Directive 2002/49/EC, the Environmental Noise Directive (END). Following the article 9 of END, information to the public must be ensured by Member States as the strategic noise maps are adopted and the action plans are drawn up. Data should be made fully available and disseminated to the public, information must be clear, comprehensible and accessible.
Sometimes the participation of public is needed to make the best choice among different solutions for actions of noise reduction plan and acoustic quality improvement in strategic action plans, sometimes the public can be involved, as main stakeholder, in the definition of policies for noise control at local level including regulations for the correct use of entertainment ares and quiet areas as well.
In this paper a general review of different scenarios where participation of the public is preferable since it can give crucial contributions is shown. The review is integrated by some examples of good and useful information and participation activities derived by strategic noise mapping and action plans implementation for agglomerates and infrastructures of transport.

Autori: Bartalucci, Bellomini, Borchi, Carfagni, Governi, Luzzi, Natale