The lost sounds rediscovered by the students of the schools that participated in the INAD 2019 initiative

Since 1995, the Center for Hearing and Communication has been promoting the Noise Awareness Day internationally. Since 2010, the Italian Acoustics Association has organized the INAD-Italy Awareness Day, with the aim of increasing awareness of the dangers of long-term exposure to noise and contrasting its effects both on hearing and, more generally, on health. The INAD-Italy working group, which includes the authors of this paper, coordinates the activities in the Italian schools participating in the initiative, organizes a competition for prizes for the production of graphic and audio/video materials on specific topics of acoustics, distributes information materials, organizes workshops, lectures and educational moments of awareness held by experts in acoustics, promotes advertising campaigns against noise and prevention of hearing damage. The tenth edition of INAD Italia, entitled “In search of lost sounds”, focused on the theme of researching and listening to sounds that have been forgotten or are destined to disappear with environmental, social and occupational changes, thus promoting awareness of the richness of the acoustic environment in which we live. A total of 13 Italian schools have joined the campaign, for a total of about 700 students. In particular, 6 schools also participated in the INAD Italia 2019 competition. The competition included the possibility of presenting a graphic design (description of sounds that have been forgotten or are destined to disappear due to environmental, social and work changes) or an audio/video design (recording or interviewing sounds that are at risk of disappearing and/or that were present in everyday life in the past). During the INAD 2019 edition, a web address was also set up to collect indications, through simple questionnaires, of which sounds or noises remain in people’s memories, even if they have disappeared or are destined to be forgotten. The questionnaire is open to all and has allowed to collect data from a mixed sample of population. In fact, it is made up of a personal part followed by the request for the insertion of a maximum of three sounds or noises that belong to the memory of the interviewee. Finally, during the INAD- Italia 2019 edition, the film “Sounds of my place” was produced, which recounts the INAD IN EUROPE 2017 experience, showing the winning works produced by the students of the European schools who participated in the initiative, whose theme concerned the description of the sound landscapes in their own living environments. The film produced by the EAA, with the fundamental contribution of HEAD-Genuit-Stiftung, is enriched by interviews given by members of the Steering Committee and it may be shown during the conference.

Authors: Luzzi, Bartalucci