Florence had been one of the first cities to comply with the requirements of Italian national legislation about noise, providing in early 2000 the acoustic zoning and the Noise Reduction Plan. Moreover, it was one of the first agglomerations to fulfil the European Directive on Environmental Noise (END), performing the strategic noise mapping and, as first in Italy, the consequent Action Plan, thanks to which tackle organically acoustic criticalities and preserve quiet areas has become possible, redevel-oping the soundscapes as well. Besides, the Environment Department in collaboration with the Mu-nicipal Police and Regional Agency for the environment protection (ARPAT) started a challenging daily monitoring and inspection activity regarding complaints related to urban noise. A specific stra-tegic “Municipal Regulation of noisy activities” regulates noise related issues since 2003 and planning activities. Considerable investments have been realized in noise mitigation interventions: thanks to the approval of the Noise Reduction Plan, Florence could access the regional funding allocated for this purpose, being able to refurbish more than 25 school buildings with a total expenditure of about 3,5 million Euros.

Autori:Bellomini, Luzzi, Melloni, Pecchioni