Building and architectural acoustics


We are able to support our clients in all aspects of acoustic design of passive acoustic requirements of new buildings and of those undergoing renovation, through the analysis and optimization of distribution layout, performance characteristics of building materials and systems, and technological and construction details.

We perform verifications and in-place testing of passive acoustic requirements in accordance with DPCM 5/12/97, DM 23/06/2022 (CAM) and environmental sustainability protocols (e.g. LEED and WELL): façade sound insulation, soundproofing capacity and sound insulation of horizontal and vertical interior partitions, footfall sound pressure level of horizontal partitions, noise of continuous and discontinuous operating systems.
In compliance with the requirements of UNI 11367, Acoustic Classification of Building Units.
We also follow the Construction Management during the implementation phase of the works for the parts related to acoustics.


We have decade-long of experience in the design and on-site testing of acoustic comfort of both new buildings and those subject to acoustic correction in accordance with DM 23/06/2022 (CAM) and environmental sustainability protocols for all types of buildings: schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, sports and recreational buildings, with particular reference to Reverberation Time, Clarity, Speech Transmission index, Rapid Speech Transmission Index, Early Delay Time, Initial Time Delay Gap, etc.
We also have extensive experience in acoustic design and testing of rooms designed for speech and music listening: conference rooms, churches, auditoria, theaters, concert halls, etc.