Verification of works design for validation purposes

We hold the certification for the verification of projects in accordance with Article 26, paragraphs 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 (and subsequent amendments and integrations) in the context of public and private projects, aimed at reducing the risks of variants or reserves during the length of the contract and provide the Project Manager with all the information necessary for the validation of the project.
The objective of the service is to verify:

  • the conformity of the final (executive) project with the technical and economic feasibility project;
  • the completeness in terms of design/project planning;
  • the consistency and completeness of the economic framework in all its aspects;
  • the possibility to tender out the selected project solution;
  • the prerequisites for the durability of the work overtime;
  • the minimization of the risks of variants and litigations;
  • the possibility of completion of the work within the planned timeframe;
  • the safety of workers and users;
  • the adequacy of the unit prices;
  • the maintainability of the works, where required.