Forensic acoustics

We are engineers and architects, with special expertise in acoustics, noise immission and tolerance, building acoustic defects and non-compliance, physical hazards and occupational hygiene.
We are registered in the registers of consultants and experts of various Courts and have been working as court-appointed technical consultants (CTU), and technical consultants of the party (CTP) for years.
We are able to provide high-level consultancy service, in civil, criminal and administrative matters, answering the questions of Judges or Public Prosecutors, or providing technical assistance to parties and attorneys, through instrumental assessments, analyses, technical evaluations.
For the assessment of harmful pollutant immission, we carry out verifications and measurements of the intrusiveness of noise, aimed at assessing its tolerability, applying the absolute, differential, comparative criteria and all the procedures suited to individual cases and cases drawn from the Laws, Standards, Scientific Literature and Jurisprudence. We measure and compare with limit values the immission produced by plant, electroacoustic, anthropic, infrastructural sources; we characterize complex sources and identify contributions in multi-source scenarios. In litigations concerning building defects and building acoustic non-conformity, we perform acoustic correctness audits in design, construction management, installation, and testing; verifications of completeness and correctness of administrative paperwork, detections of technical defects and acoustic nonconformity in purchases and sales, ascertainment of responsibilities of designers, construction managers, builders.
As regard the administrative sphere, we assess the conformity and congruence of plans, interventions and authorizations by administrations and authorities responsible for implementing environmental and urban planning regulations.
The same expert consulting services can be carried out in mediation procedures or in other extrajudicial field.
We carry out appraisals and valuations of real estate, verification of cadastral, urban planning, and plant conformity of the property to be estimated, calculating the value of the property under appraisal and providing expert advice to Curators and Judges of Bankruptcy and Execution Sections.
The experience accumulated over the years allows us to produce books and articles, organize and participate as speakers and lecturers in events and conferences of forensic engineering, and develop projects in collaboration with magistrates and lawyers.